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Recruiter Media - Smarter online recruiting

Leverage our suite of services to build a holistic online recruiting presence.

Recruiter Media is a recruitment advertising agency that helps employers develop targeted internet recruiting initiatives with high ROI.

Our services:

Local job board network
Over 800,000 candidates and 400,000 resumes nationally
8 million page views from 1.6 million unique visitors per month
Over 85,000 email job alerts sent daily
Jobs distributed to aggregators, twitter, and more
High search engine ranking for hundreds of competitive keywords
Reach local candidates inexpensively

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
We'll manage your SEM recruiting campaign from start to finish
Pay-per-click means you only pay for results
Fully trackable with a high ROI
Reach passive candidates on search engines and social networks

On demand resume generation
Minimum of 10 qualified resumes within 24 hours, guaranteed
Avoid being inundated with unqualified resumes
Includes standard 30-day job board posting
Average of 15 resumes submitted. Over 90% success rate.

Recruiter Media can help you develop and execute an online recruitment plan that meets your goals and produces quality talent.

Please contact us today to learn more.


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04 .01.08
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