GMI Rocket Immigration Tech Show; Video Interview with Richard B. Alman, Founder of & Recruiter Media Corporation

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Join my discussion today with Richard B. Alman, Founder of immigration media & tech company Recruiter Media Corporation & ( Richard is a serial entrepreneur who has experience ranging from Fortune 500 to real estate to immigration technology, and we’ll be chatting about how his experiences shaped his entrepreneurial success, particularly in the immigration industry. We’ll be talking about: 🔹Richard’s early days and studying business at Duquesne University and later at Harvard Business School🔹Richard’s experience working for multiple Fortune 500 companies and how that helped him become a business founder 🔹Richard’s experience working in entertainment, manufacturing and real estate / investing 🔹How Richard stumbled upon PERM and what inspired him to launch Recruiter Media 🔹How Richard’s platform helps immigration lawyers and employers 🔹Where Richard sees the future of his company and immigration tech in generalVideo Interview

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