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Link to video; Richard B. Alman &

The H1B Guy News – 12/4/2020 | H1B, OPT, & Facebook Lawsuits and S386 & Wage Rule Updates! 

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Several months ago I was introduced to Richard Alman the owner and operator of  This partnership with The H1B Guy makes a lot of sense as wants to save you and your employer time and money when it comes to your external perm and other job advertising needs.

Richard will be on with me next Wednesday at 1 pm ET to tell us more so stay tuned!

The week after Thanksgiving 2020 was a week to remember for Employment Based Immigration.  Not only here in the US but in the UK as well.

Which announced on December 1st that the UK’s new Merit Points Based System was open for business.  

Adding them to the growing list of countries including Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

One can only dream that one day we’ll see something similar here in the US.

Now the news!