GMI Rocket Immigration Tech Show; Video Interview with Richard B. Alman, Founder of & Recruiter Media Corporation

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Join my discussion today with Richard B. Alman, Founder of immigration media & tech company Recruiter Media Corporation & ( Richard is a serial entrepreneur who has experience ranging from Fortune 500 to real estate to immigration technology, and we’ll be chatting about how his experiences shaped his entrepreneurial success, particularly in the immigration industry. We’ll be talking about: 🔹Richard’s early days and studying business at Duquesne University and later at Harvard Business School🔹Richard’s experience working for multiple Fortune 500 companies and how that helped him become a business founder 🔹Richard’s experience working in entertainment, manufacturing and real estate / investing 🔹How Richard stumbled upon PERM and what inspired him to launch Recruiter Media 🔹How Richard’s platform helps immigration lawyers and employers 🔹Where Richard sees the future of his company and immigration tech in generalVideo Interview Introduces the First National, City-Focused, Job Platform Free for Job Seekers Containing Almost 10 Million Jobs in Over 1,000 Cities in the USA

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Categories: Uncategorized has re-engineered the difficult and time-consuming structure of job websites to provide a better, easier, and more comfortable solution. The platform provides each city with its own unique portal:,,,, etc. Users now have a one-of-a-kind resource which will enable them to easily find jobs in over 1,000 top US cities.

Miami Lakes, FL, February 04, 2020–(–, the largest owner of career websites, has launched the only city specific digital job platform with the goal of eliminating the high level of clutter and frustration that presently confronts job seekers when using the job websites presently available. Today’s career websites typically encompass all jobs available in every city in the USA presented in one giant pile that the job seeker must dig through to find the jobs in their city. has re-engineered that difficult and time-consuming structure to provide a better, easier, and more comfortable solution. The platform provides each city with its own unique portal:,,,, etc. Users now have a one-of-a-kind resource which will enable them to easily find jobs in over 1,000 top USA cities. Users of platform simply select their city of interest and then browse jobs only in that city. The entire network currently contains almost 7 million jobs nationwide.

Today job seekers of all ages want a fast and efficient method of finding the jobs available in the city in which they live. The state-of-the-art system delivers on that hope while meeting the additional criteria of allowing the job seeker to select from over 75 different job categories to narrow down his or her search and target the types of jobs that matter most to them. Additionally, the platform allows the job seeker to set-up job alerts which allow for new jobs listed on the platform, which are pre-screened to meet the preset criteria, to be sent to the job seeker’s computer, phone or tablet. Once the job alerts are reviewed, the job seeker may automatically apply to a selected job instantly from his phone or other device. To accommodate any non-English speaking job seekers, the platform handles over 100 different language choices, so any person may easily read and apply to jobs on the platform. has been serving job seekers, employers, recruiters and immigration attorneys since 2001. All job seekers’ features are free. There is no cost to register, browse and apply for jobs while using in over 1,000 cities. The initial response of the digital platform has been overwhelmingly positive. The company has gained a tremendous number of new users who are seeking a better method of allowing them to focus on their city and is easy to use. Introduces the First of a Kind Affordable, Unlimited Recruiting and Job Posting Platform for Small Companies in Over 1,000 Cities

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Miami Lakes, FL, February 04, 2020 –(– was determined to even the playing field in the highly competitive recruiting process. In one of tightest labor markets in decades, large and small companies are desperately competing for a small pool of applicants. Local businesses, franchises and family run companies typically don’t have the budget needed to compete with larger companies for expensive recruitment advertising normally used to attract the best candidates.

With the launch of this program, is offering an affordable monthly recruiting package which will cost any size company about $2/day for unlimited recruiting ads in their particular city of choice on the platform. Now any size firm can benefit from significant savings with their job postings published on the exclusive digital national publication network of over 1,000 leading cities in the USA. has launched the first national digital publication with a cost saving package geared especially to allow small companies to advertise for a flat fee of $62/month with an annual subscription for an unlimited amount of 30-day job postings in any of the one of the specific cities served. Companies of any size now have a one-of-a-kind resource which will enable them to post jobs in over 1,000 top USA cities with their exceptionally well priced package to allow hiring to be affordable again.

The platform offers small sized companies the exclusive ability to post unlimited job openings for their various open positions on-line in over 75 different job categories for only $750 flat annual fee on any of the 1,000 plus cities served since 2001. is built to work in tandem with any employment advertising firms the company’s already may be using.

The initial response to the monthly unlimited package for job postings on their digital platform has been overwhelmingly positive. The company has gained a tremendous number of new clients who are seeking better economics and ease of use. has a long history of serving leading firms of all sizes, as well as professional recruiters, and employment ad agencies since 2001.

Immigration Attorneys, Immigration Specialists & Immigration Ad Agencies save hundreds of $$ on each PERM VISA Advertisement since 2001.

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LEADING IMMIGRATION LAW FIRMS & IMMIGRATION SPECIALISTS SAVE HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS ON EACH PERM VISA AD PUBLISHED ON OUR DIGITAL NETWORK OF OVER 1,000 CITIES SINCE 2001. is the leading online digital publisher for attorneys and immigration professionals to Advertise/Publish PERM VISA advertisements for ONLY $150 per 30 day posting on a specific city, and post jobs in over 1,000 top USA cities in relation to legal services and immigration matters with clients including the preparation of non-immigrant visa petitions such as B-1, B-2, E1, E2, E3, F-1, H-1-B, H1-C, H-2A, H-2B, H-3, L-1, O, P, TD and TN. meets the legal requirement for all immigration visa job posting advertising including immigrant visa applications such as PERM (EB-1 to EB-3) I-140, I-130, and adjustment of status.

We offer PERM VISA Publication for only $150 flat fee on each PERM VISA in any of our 1,000 plus cities served since 2001. We work with any advertising firms you already may be using. We are the actual publisher not an ad firm.

ZoomPower 2019 – INSZoom

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We are excited to be exhibiting at the ZoomPower 2019 conference, INSZoom’s annual user conference. Stop by our booth on October 17-18 in Las Vegas, NV.

SEO analysis

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Recruiter Media signs deal to conduct full SEO analysis for