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Search Engine Marketing Recruitment

Reach targeted candidates through search engine marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM), also known as paid inclusion or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, is an effective yet often overlooked candidate attraction method. SEM is highly targeted, has a great ROI, and is trackable. It is also extremely competitive, and often overwhelming when incorporated into your day-to-day recruiting efforts.

Recruiter Media can help you diversify your outbound recruiting efforts by building and managing an effective search engine marketing campaign on your behalf. Recruiter Media provides the following professional SEM services:

Campaign Strategy Development
Candidate Demographic Analysis
Comprehensive Research and Analysis
Keyword List Optimization
Ad Copywriting
Budget and Bid Management
Conversion Tracking and Reporting

Please contact us to learn more about how our Recruitment Search Marketing services can benefit your organization.



Search Marketing Facts

Targeted with high ROI
Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising lets you choose how much you'll pay each time your ad is clicked. You only pay for results, and you can target candidates (active and passive) by keyword and/or location.

We manage SEM for you
Our staff knows how to leverage the reach and focus of search engine marketing. Tell us your goals and we'll do the leg work for you, resulting in more exposure to great candidates.

Track results
Search engine marketing is highly trackable, so you can analyze your ROI throughout your campaign. Recruiter Media will help you adjust your ad, budget, and placement as needed to drive candidates while maintaining your ROI benchmarks.

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